Arctic Navigations

“Arctic Navigations” is founder and member of the High Seas Fish Producers Organization.

Arctic Navigations sp. z o.o. was founded in 2005 in Gdańsk. Our company specialises in supplying the international market with frozen fishery products processed directly on board of our vessels.

The Arctic Navigations fleet fishes in the North Atlantic, mainly in the waters around the Spitzbergen archipelago and in the waters of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Norway.

Since its inception, Arctic Navigations provides its customers with the highest quality products originating from sustainable fishing, taking great care to remain both environment- and employee-friendly.

Thanks to a long-term strategy aimed at conducting responsible business, we are able to provide the highest level of service. Our experience and commitment to long distance fishing allowed us to enter into strong and lasting relationships with major organizations and companies from around the world.

Our goal is to be a leading manufacturer of the international long distance fishing sector, recognizable thanks to our commitment, high standards and responsibility for the environment and our employees. We have spent many years working towards this goal and we intend to continue following this path.

Our mission is to:

  • offer the highest quality of fish, healthy and free from any contamination,
  • develop the fishing industry in Poland by creating new jobs and continuously improving our fleet,
  • protect the environment by carrying out rational fishing, taking into account the latest knowledge in the field of sustainable fishing,
  • cooperate closely with the scientific community to continuously improve our knowledge of marine resources.
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